Medical assistance from China arrives in Jordan

In the latest of its humanitarian assistance extended to the world by China, a private medical aid plane has landed in Jordan with tons of medicines, quick medical test equipment for COVID-19 and ventilators for both Jordan and Palestine.

The medical aids were delivered by Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Palestine Guo Wei to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Ramallah. The Ambassador stated that China stands with the Palestinian people in the face of the pandemic.

Ambassador Palestine Guo Wei said, “This new package of aid was transported from Beijing to Palestine by private plane. Five days before this package of aid, there were Chinese non-governmental donations that arrived in Palestine. I am proud of the deep friendship and bilateral relations between the two countries, and I am firmly convinced that Chinese support for Palestine will continue as the Palestinian people continue to fight this epidemic.”

Palestinian Minister of Health Mai Kila after receiving the Chinese assistance said, “Ever since its take-off, the Palestinian revolution has had special relations with China, which had provided great assistance to the Palestinian revolution at that time in all fields. Also, they are helping us as we are establishing our Palestinian state on the soil of our Palestinian territory. Most importantly, China always stands with Palestine in international forums and votes for Palestine. This is really what has had a positive impact on the Palestinian presence in international forums”.

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