Mauritian fishermen join the battle to safe dolphins dying because of massive oil spill in Mauritian waters

The massive oil spill by a Japanese carrier, MV Wakashio, in the Mauritian waters has threatened the ecosystem of the waters. Scientists say the full impact of the oil spill is still unfolding, but a lot of damage has already been felt in the island’s ecosystem.

In lieu with the efforts to clean the oil spill and save the injured dolphins that have been washed ashore Mauritian waters near the site of the oil spill, the fishermen community have joined the fight and been extending humanitarian assistance.

As per reports made available, nearly 45 dead dolphins had been found by a fisherman, and half a dozen others are fighting for their lives.

The country has even been witnessing protests demanding stronger action by the government in the quest to determine the cause of the spill as well as the cause of the dolphin deaths. On August 29, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Port Louis to demand for an independent probe.

The Mauritian government has ordered the autopsies of the dead dolphins.

Jasvin Sok Appadu from the Fisheries Ministry said, “The preliminary autopsy report has excluded that oil played a role; however, we sent some samples of the dead dolphins to La Reunion to determine why the animals couldn’t swim and their radar wasn’t functioning.”

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