Map of Morocco adopted by the US includes Western Sahara

The United States of America has adopted a latest map of the North African nation of Morocco. This has become the talking point as this map adopted by the US includes Western Sahara as part of the Moroccan territory. 

The official twitter handles of the US Embassy in Morocco cited the US Ambassador to Morocco David Fischer “ Tonight, I am thrilled to present you with the new official U.S. government map of the Kingdom of Morocco.  

This map is a tangible representation of President Trump’s bold proclamation just two days ago, recognizing Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara. I plan to give this map as a gift to His Majesty, King Mohammad VI, in acknowledgement of his bold leadership, and for his continuous and invaluable support for the deep friendship between our two nations. 

The Polisario condemned “in the strongest terms the fact that outgoing American President Donald Trump attributes to Morocco something which does not belong” to the country, namely sovereignty over Western Sahara. 

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