Malian PM calls for dialogue and mutinying soldiers to stand down

With an aim to resolve the on-going conflict in Mali, Malian Prime Minister Boubou Cisse has called for dialogue to resolve the situation. Prime Minister Boubou Cisse has called for mutinying soldiers to stand down.

In an official statement, Prime Minister Boubou Cisse said, “The Government of the Republic of Mali is following with great attention the events that have been taking place since this morning in our country, especially in two military camps in the city of Bamako.”

PM Cisse added, “The government of Mali asks all the authors of these acts to stand down.”

On August 18, gunshots were heard at an army base outside the capital, Bamako that gave air to speculations pointing towards the mutiny.

The mutiny has attracted international criticism as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) condemned it in a strong worded statement stating that the act would complicate “an already very complex socio-political context.” France too has condemned the mutiny that has augmented the Malian crisis. The ECOWAS urged the military to return to their barracks and reiterated calls for dialogue to resolve the crisis facing Mali.

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