Mali witnesses second round of Legislative elections

Mali held the second round of Legislative elections on April 19 to elect the remaining 125 of the 147 Deputies for Mali’s National Assembly.

The first round of the Legislative elections was held on March 29 that elected 22 of the 17 Deputies. Out of the elected 22 Deputies, only five are women pertaining to security issues of the country as well as the spread of the pandemic.

According to the Malian Ministry of Territorial Administration, the participation rate in the first round of the Legislative elections was only 35.73 percent, and 797 of the 22,147 polling stations could not be opened for various reasons.

Despite the pandemic COVID-19 threatening the world at large, Mali held the Legislative elections with the nation’s security situation worsening the domestic condition.

In Mali’s capital city Bamako, the majority of the polling stations opened on time and adequate safety measures were taken amidst coronavirus. People respected the barrier gestures, wore masks, washed hands before entering the polling booths and sanitized their hands before voting.

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