Malaysian government formulates new regulation on pollution parameters

With a move to strengthen the protection of the environment, the government of Malaysia is in the process of postulating a new regulation on pollution parameters. The decision comes as a move to strengthen enforcement against those who pollute the environment.

Dr. Ahmad Masrizal Muhammad, Deputy Minister of Environment and Water Datuk, said that the new regulation on pollution parameters will be implemented for activities that are not subject to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Dr. Ahmad Masrizal Muhammad said that the jurisdiction of the Department of Environment (DOE), has all the while, limited to activities that are subject to the Environmental Quality (Prescribed Activities) (Environmental Impact Assessment) Order 2015.

He said, “DOE always conducts periodical monitoring during project implementation for agricultural activities based on the Environmental Quality Order 2015. In this context, the government intends to strengthen the enforcement of the Environmental Quality Act 1974.”

Ahmad Masrizal said that as of last June, the Ministry monitored 14 agricultural project areas that received the EIA approval, with warning issued to developers of two projects, and compound to another.

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