Malaysia opposition leader Anwar meets King, says he has the numbers to form government

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said on October 13 that he held a meeting with the King of Malaysia Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah and presented him with the evidence that he has the requisite number to form a government. 

“These documents made it abundantly clear that we have registered a formidable and convincing majority among parliamentarians,” Anwar said at a news conference after the royal meeting. “Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has lost his majority and therefore, it would be appropriate for him to resign.” 

However, the Palace released a statement denying that Anwar provided evidence of support. It said Anwar only told Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah how many lawmakers supported him but didn’t reveal their identities. 

It said the king advised Anwar “to abide by and respect the legal process” based on the constitution. 

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