Malawi Supreme Court upholds ruling annulling President Mutharika electoral win

The Malawi Supreme Court has upheld an earlier Constitutional Court ruling that invalidated the narrow election victory of President Peter Mutharika in the May, 2019 elections.

The decision was taken unanimously by Malawi’s Supreme Court on May 8. In its judgement, the Supreme Court said, “The various breaches undermined the duties of the Malawi Electoral Commission and grossly undermined rights of voters. None of the candidates obtained a majority.”

The Supreme Court even criticised the Electoral Commission’s appeal to rule out the Constitutional Court decision and blamed it for taking sides.

The Constitutional Court in February cited “widespread, systematic and grave” irregularities when it annulled the vote that returned President Peter Mutharika to power.

A new election will now be held in the southern African nation on July 2.

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