Making Progress Toward a Dynamic and Open 5G Environment

As the 5G competition heats up throughout the world, Europe is stepping up to take the lead. With the debut of the fifth generation of telecommunications systems, Europeans may look forward to ultra-high bandwidths, vast machine-to-machine interactions, and networks that can process large volumes of data with minimal delay. 

Third-party innovators and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should take advantage of the capabilities of 5G infrastructures now that efforts toward 5G readiness have reached a point where third-party innovators and SMEs should take advantage of the capabilities of 5G infrastructures. However, the development of network applications is critical to the successful implementation of 5G. 

The EU-funded EVOLVED-5G initiative, which began in January 2021, aims to improve Europe’s 5G experimentation potential and open 5G to vertical businesses by using a new NetApp development and verification environment. 

From a technological and commercial standpoint, the goal is to establish an open and dynamic environment. The realization of network programmability through standard application programming interfaces (APIs), i.e. software intermediaries that allow two apps to communicate, is what primarily makes such openness possible. You use an API every time you use social media, play a game, visit a website, or send an instant message on your phone. 

Mixed reality assisted manufacturing, intent-driven chatbots to assist engineers in factories, haptic-driven consoles for industrial surface repairs, and Internet of things/machine-to-machine-based remote monitoring platforms for industrial environments are among the NetApps being developed as part of the project. AI-based video analysers for industrial and robotics safety, blockchain data brokerage engines, AI-driven humanoid robots, and AI-driven logistics robotic fleets are among the other industry-focused NetApps. 

Telefónica, a Spanish multinational telecommunications firm, is leading EVOLVED-5G (Experimentation and Validation Openness for Long-term Evolution of VErtical inDustries in the 5G Era and Beyond). The three-year initiative will come to a finish in December 2023. 

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