Lukashenko announces closure of Belarus borders with Poland and Lithuania

Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko has announced the closure of the country’s border with Poland and Lithuania and also said that said troops would be pulled from the street to guard its borders. 

 “We are forced to withdraw troops from the streets, put the army on high alert and close the state border on the west, primarily with Lithuania and Poland,” Lukashenko said at a women’s forum. 

Lukashenko also said Belarus’ border with Ukraine would be strengthened. 

“I don’t want my country to be at war. Moreover, I don’t want Belarus and Poland, Lithuania to turn into a theater of military operations where our issues will not be resolved,” he said. “Therefore, today in front of this hall of the most beautiful, advanced, patriotic people I want to appeal to the peoples of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine — stop your crazy politicians, don’t let war break out”. 

Protests have erupted in Belarus after Alexander Lukashenko was declared the winner of the country’s national elections in August. 

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