Lesotho PM Thomas Thabane to get a “dignified retirement”

The landlocked kingdom of Lesotho has been engaged in deep political crisis after the head of the government, Prime Minister Thomas Thabane and his current wife has been accused of being involved in the assassination of his previous wife, charges which both of them deny.

Identifying the crisis at hand and feeling the heat of the political pressure from its neighbouring South African mediators as well as other political parties, the government of Lesotho has agreed to implement a “dignified retirement” for Prime Minister Thomas Thabane.

Prime Minister Thomas Thabane has planned to step down at the end of July but the South African mediator Jeff Radebe said that “the timeline is immediate”.

A joint statement from the government stated, “The coalition government of the Kingdom of Lesotho commits to effecting the implementation process or modalities for the dignified, graceful and secure retirement of the right honourable Prime Minister”.

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