Lebanon’s civil defence teams succeed in controlling around 70% massive fire at Beirut port

The civil defence teams of Lebanon have said that they have succeeded in bringing under control the massive fire that erupted in Beirut’s port earlier on September 10.

The incident took place almost after a month of the catastrophic explosions that happened at the same site, the traumatic effects of which are still there among residents. The fire that erupted added more to the struggles of the residents.

The Lebanese Army took their helicopters and assisted the civil defence teams in extinguishing the fire. However, no injuries have been reported in the incident that took place at a warehouse that contained oil and tire deposits.

Port director Bassem al-Qaisi said that the fire erupted in a warehouse that contained barrels of cooking oil which later spread to where tires were piled. The cause of the incident is yet unknown. 

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Aftermath_of_the_2020_Beirut_explosions_august_6_2020_09.jpg

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