Lebanon to augment border policing to stop increasing smuggling cases to Syria

Lebanon has decided to increase the number of police stations along the borders with Syria. The decision has been taken by the country’s Higher Defence Council to keep a check in the augmenting cases of cross-border smuggling that has caused huge losses to the government’s revenues.

The decision has been confirmed through a statement issued by the Lebanese Presidency on May 13. The Higher Defence Council will also hire patrol officers to monitor smugglers and impose serious punishments on anyone involved.

Several reports have surfaced in the country in past few days about huge quantities of diesel, fuel oil and wheat being smuggled to Syria from Lebanon.

The decision has been taken to keep a check on the increasing cases of smuggling and restrict unlawful activities.

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lebanon_-_Location_Map_(2012)_-_LBN_-_UNOCHA.svg

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