Lebanon announces targeted financial plan to tackle the corona crisis

To help the people of Lebanon fight the COVID-19 pandemic and cope with the economic crisis resulted because of it, the Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab has announced a comprehensive financial plan that targets to solve the crisis.

Discussing the strategy, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said, “This strategy is a clear roadmap aimed at managing the government’s public finances. We are on the right track to save Lebanon from its crisis”.

He said, “We have discussed this strategy with economic and financial experts, representatives of the various economic and industrial sectors, the civil society and we came up with a transparent plan that can be supported by all the Lebanese”. Prime Minister Hassan Diab iterating the seriousness of the pandemic said, “I urge all the Lebanese to commit to the safety measures for them not to waste out efforts and achievements in our fight against COVID-19. We should all act responsibly”.

Photo Credit : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hassan-Baha-Eddine-Diab.jpg

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