Leading Telecoms Urges Europe to Move Quickly to Create an Open RAN Ecosystem

 Five of Europe’s largest telecommunications companies believe that the best way for Europe to defend and develop its position in the global 5G and 6G sector is to build a broad and deep open radio access network (Open RAN) ecosystem. They urge policymakers, EU member states, and industry stakeholders to work together and make Open RAN a top priority. 

Its main point is that an open, intelligent, virtualized, and completely interoperable RAN, which delivers and enables more effective and efficient mobile communications, is required if Europe is to reach its 5G for all targets by 2030.  Such initiatives will aid in the development of stronger, more robust supply chains and platforms, as well as encourage digital autonomy and technology leadership. 

The telcos noted that powerful and secure networks anchored by strong supply chains are critical, especially at a time when connectivity allows all sectors of society and the economy to benefit from digital services. 

Operators can now extend 5G to more people in a cost-effective, secure, and energy-efficient manner thanks to new open and disaggregated architectures, software, and hardware like Open RAN. In areas like telemedicine and smart factories, this flexibility will spur more innovation across industries. 

However, bold action and coordination are required now if the EU is to sustain its competitiveness, technological leadership, and resilience. According to the research, if Europe does not act, it risks lagging behind North America and Asia in the development and implementation of next-generation networks. 

Indeed, there are already 13 major Open RAN players in Europe, compared to 57 in the rest of the world. Many European players, on the other hand, are still in the early stages of development and have yet to acquire commercial Open RAN contracts, whereas vendors from other regions are already going forward. 

It is conceivable to develop a European Open RAN ecosystem that protects Europe’s competitiveness and leadership in network technology while also contributing to Europe’s digital sovereignty if the necessary conditions are met. 

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