Lawmakers in Tunisia’s Parliament agrees for new government

On September 2, Tunisia’s Parliament approved the country’s third government in less than a year.

The decision has successfully overcome discontent among lawmakers enraged by how the administration was formed and avoiding the threat of disruptive early elections.

Former Interior Minister Hichem Mechichi has been confirmed as premier after his cabinet, dominated by independent technocrats, secured support from nearly two-thirds of the chamber’s deputies overnight.

Hichem Mechichi, 46, has pledged to revitalise a tourism-reliant economy. Mechichi, a lawyer by training, named judges, academics, public servants and business executives to his cabinet.

Tunisia has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic that has impacted its economy health in the negative.

Hichem Mechichi has earned the support of the main political party of the country and the Islamist-inspired Ennahdha party, the biggest bloc in the Parliament has vowed to back Mechichi despite reservations.

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