Landmine blast in Somalia claims lives of ten civilians

In a recent landmine blast in Somalia on May 31 has claimed the lives of at least 10 civilians while injuring several others.

The blast took place along the road linking Mogadishu and Afgooye in Somalia where the explosion targeted a minivan carrying civilians. The road is used frequently by government and security vehicles projecting the possibility that the attackers might have misjudged their target.

According to report, the vehicle was ferrying passengers, mostly from the same extended family who were going from the city to a funeral in a nearby town. The vehicle hit the explosive at Hawa Abdi village, 19 kilometres northwest of Mogadishu.

No militant group has taken immediate claim for the attack. Since 1991, Somalia has been in the midst of conflict pertaining to power politics. The country has also been the target of militant group Al Shabaab since 2008, who have raged several violent attacks to overthrow Somalia’s central government to establish their rule based on Islamic Sharia laws.

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