King Salman extends nine billion Saudi riyals aid to citizens

Saudi Arabia is taking all measures at hand to help save its people from socio-economic burden because of the pandemic COVID-19. Saudi Arabia’s King Salman in his latest decisions have ordered his government to take care of 60 percent of the Saudi employees’ salaries for a period of three months amounting up to 9 billion Saudi riyals ($2.39 billion).

The move taken on the part of the Kingdom, will support nearly 1.2 million people who are working in coronavirus affected companies. Conditions are applied for the benefits and will be in accordance to the terms in the unemployment insurance system (SANID) which covers 100 percent of Saudi employees working in facilities that have five workers or less. Companies or employers paying monthly wages to the employees during the compensation period will be exempted. Workers are not required to work compulsorily during the compensation period. The compensation will cover up to 70 percent of companies where the number of Saudi workers exceeds five.

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