Kenyans defy burial laws for popular singer

Disobeying the lockdown measures put at place to curb the spread of the coronavirus, hundreds of Kenyans defied tear gas and riot police to carry off the body of a popular singer, Obonbyo, 33, who died on June 11. The crowd thought the modest burial would be disrespectful for the singer.

Relative of Obonbyo said that the singer was suffering from severe chest and abdominal pains, difficulty breathing and had been vomiting blood. The family members didn’t confirm about the singer being tested of COVID-19.

Kenya has traditionally been known to hold lavish, well-attended funerals, but rules imposed for suspected cases of COVID-19 infection require bodies to be buried within 24 hours of death with only five relatives in attendance.

“As a family we are requesting, give us one week, let the fans plan, let the music industry plan,” said George Oningu, the singer’s brother-in-law.

“We do this to make sure there is peace and that Ben is buried in peace.”

Police fired teargas to disperse the crowd, which removed the body from the graveyard and took it to a mortuary.

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