Kenyan President delays trade deal with the US

Stressing on the need and urgency of a pan-African trade bloc to come into force, Kenya, East Africa’s richest economy has delayed talks on a trade deal with the United States. The news has been confirmed by Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta.

The delayed trade deal with the US will be the country’s first such pack in the sub-Saharan Africa which Washington perceives as an important deal with Kenya because it could then be followed by other African countries.

President Kenyatta said that Kenya has delayed discussions with the US until the Africa Free Trade arrangement comes into force. It was originally set for July 1 but now delayed until later because of the coronavirus pandemic.

President Kenyatta during a webinar hosted by the Atlantic Council said, “When we met with the United States … we made it clear that negotiation would have to be done on the basis of, and without undermining, the Africa free trade arrangement”.

He added, “This works not just for Kenya and Africa, but I also believe it works for the United States, because it gives that wider market access”.

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