Kenya launches cargo services at the Naivasha dry port

With an aim to boost the status of Kenya as a transport and logistics hub along with enhancing regional integration, Kenya has launched cargo services at the Naivasha-based Inland Container Depot (ICD).

Inland Container Depot (ICD) is located in the outskirts of Naivasha, a town located some 100 kilometres from Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. The dry port stands on over 1,000 acres and can load two million tonnes of cargo every year. Up to four trains will ferry cargo to the terminal on a daily basis.

James Macharia, Minister for Transport and infrastructure in Kenya, says the depot is crucial in relieving congestion at the port of Mombasa. He says, “The future of cargo transportation or load transportation… it is not on trucks. It’s about doing railways. Large transportation and what matters most is actually having a very effective co efficient transportation system.”

James Macharia further added, “We are creating an industrial hub here in Naivasha and that’s why we have the special economic zone that is being planned here which will be employing thousands and thousands of our youth. Anywhere you go today, it’s not about putting together a stand-alone industrial zone. It is a question of having a broad based special economic zone, which can take into account all businesses, all sectors.”

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