Jordon opens international travel, issues preventive guidelines

In the wake of reopening of the economy, Jordon has decided to open its airports for international flights on September 8. International travel in the country has undergone months of closure pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic. The ban has been put at place since March 17.

Confirming the news and stating the protocols to be followed, Amjad Adaileh, Minister of State for Media Affairs, said that all travellers to Jordan are required to provide a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test document, proving negative for COVID-19, 72 hours before departure, and all arrivals in Jordan will be tested again at the airport.

Amjad Adaileh added that various destinations would be classified into “green, yellow, and red” depending on their epidemiological situation.

Stating guidelines for travellers from various country to Jordon, Amjad Adaileh further added:

  • Travellers from “green countries” will not be institutionally quarantined, if the PCR result after arrival is still negative, but a one-week home quarantine is required.
  • Travellers from “yellow countries” will be moved for quarantine facilities for four days. They also have to observe a seven-day home quarantine upon leaving quarantine sites.
  • Travellers from “red countries” will also be institutionally quarantined for eight days, and must conduct a third test on the fifth or sixth day of the quarantine, and then observe a seven-day home quarantine.

About those planning to leave the country, Adaileh said that they are free to travel whenever flights are available.

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