Jordan, the European Union, and Germany have signed a 77-million-euro agreement to strengthen water sector

Jordan received a grant of 25 million euros from Germany and the EU on Wednesday, as well as three more grants totaling 52 million euros, to boost the Kingdom’s water industry through the German Development Bank (KfW). 

The agreements were signed in Amman by Nasser Shraideh, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Mohammad A Najjar, Minister of Water and Irrigation, and Ennis Martin, senior manager for water programmes at the KfW. 

The agreements will fund the sixth phase of the Water Resources Management Programme (48 million euros in KfW loans to improve wastewater treatment and dispose of sludge in an environmentally friendly manner). 

The water and sanitation projects will be implemented in Amman, Irbid, Ramtha, Jerash, and Ajloun, with an estimated 80,000 persons covered. 

The project’s goal is to protect subsurface water sources while also increasing the amount of water available for irrigation. In the Khirbet As-Samra plant, it will also enlarge the sewage sludge landfill and add two more cells. 

The second grant, worth 52.4 million euros, will go towards the ninth and tenth stages of the project “Water Supply and Sanitation Services for Syrian Refugees and Host Communities,” as well as infrastructure planning adapted as part of the “Climate Change in the Water Sector Project.” 

The second award will mostly go toward the rehabilitation of water networks and the construction of new sewage networks in Irbid, Mafraq, Ajloun, and Jerash governorates. 

Furthermore, the new subsidy intends to improve water supply and wastewater disposal for a limited number of low-income households. 

The third grant agreement, for 3 million euros, involves assistance to the Water Authority in implementing climate-adaptive infrastructure design in the water sector. The goal of this project is to ensure efficiency and modern planning in order to attract additional sewage system investments in Amman and Zarqa. 

The EU’s ongoing bilateral support in the form of grants and soft loans to the water and sanitation sector, including the Jordan Response Plan to the Syrian Crisis, is worth more than 150 million euros, bringing the total investment to more than 500 million euros. 

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