Japan to send second expert team to Mauritius to aid in oil spill clean operation

Japan is sending a second team of experts to help clean up more than 1,000 tonnes of oil that leaked from a Japanese-owned bulk carrier into unspoiled waters off the coast of Mauritius.

This will be the second team from Japan as the country has already dispatched one team of six experts, including a coast guard expert and diplomats, to aid Mauritius in its worst “environmental crisis.”

The official statement released by Japan’s embassy in Mauritius on August 17, said that the new Japanese team of seven experts will leave Japan on August 19 and will carry materials such as sorbent to help clean up the oil.

The statement said, “The oil spill has caused serious damage over the South East coastal environment of Mauritius and will have an inevitable impact on the country’s tourism industry as well.”

“Japan has decided to dispatch the team out of comprehensive and holistic consideration of all circumstances, including the request of urgent assistance from the Government of the Republic of Mauritius and the friendly relationship between the two countries,” it said.

Greenpeace has termed the spill the “worst ecological disaster” in the country’s history, threatening wetlands that boast rare mangrove forests and scores of fish and coral species.

Earlier, on July 16, a 10-member team from India’s coast guard arrived in Mauritius with 28 tonnes of equipment including booms, barges and skimmers.

Photo Credit : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pointe_d%27esny_Mauritius_2019-10-01_2.jpg

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