Japan to buy over 10k deep freezers to store Coronavirus vaccine

The Ministry of Health of Japan, on December 9 said that the government will buy 10,500 deep freezers to store novel COVID-19 vaccines. Adding further, it also said that the government is also considering purchasing dry ice in bulk as it prepares to protect its population from the virus.

Posing logistics problems, Pfizer’s vaccines need to be kept at around minus 75 Celsius (minus 103 Fahrenheit, and Moderna’s at about minus 20C).

Japan has cleared agreements to purchase a total of 290 million doses of the vaccines from Pfizer Inc., AstraZeneca Plc. and Moderna Inc. or enough for 145 million people if two shots are given to everyone as required.

Photo Credit : http://bullandbearmcgill.com/the-covid-19-vaccine-and-confronting-systemic-racism-in-healthcare/