Japan begins trial of Avigan as a possible treatment for COVID-19

Several research and tests are being taken by countries across the globe to find the treatment of the COVID-19, with no success by far. In lieu with its commitment to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, a Japanese pharmaceutical firm has begun clinical tests of a drug that might hold potential to treat the symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

The trial has been initiated by the Japanese pharmaceutical firm, Fujifilm Toyama Chemical that is to last until the end of June. It stated that it will conduct tests of antiviral drug Avigan on about 100 people infected with the coronavirus.

The trial is backed by researchers in China who claim to have found improvements in the lungs of coronavirus patients who were given Avigan in clinical trials.

Avigan was developed six years ago by the Fujifilm Toyama Chemical as an influenza antiviral drug. Because of inherent possibility of serious side effects, government permission is required for its usage.

If the trials of the Fujifilm Toyama Chemical show positive and safe outcome, the Executives plan to seek approval to use the drug in the treatment of the coronavirus.

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