Japan begins charging for plastic bag to curb its plastic consumption

In a move to curb its citizens’ love for packaging and bringing the country in line with other major economies, retailers in Japan, on Wednesday, July 1, began charging for plastic bags.

“There are lots of issues now, like the environment and global warming. Each of us needs to be more aware of these issues, and that is why I am carrying my own shopping bag,” said a resident.

Japan produces more plastic packaging waste per capita than any other country, as per the United Nations, with campaigners criticising the country for moving with a slow pace on reducing plastic consumption.

But with this move, Japan has vowed to “curb excessive use of plastic and think about how to use it wisely”. Rolling out the nationwide fee would prompt people to think twice if a bag is really needed and help them review their lifestyles, the government said.

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Environmentally_friendly_plastic_bag_on_bus_in_Japan.jpg

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