Jamaica taking steps to speed up COVID-19 testing

Edmund Bartlett, the Jamaican Minister of Tourism has said that urgent steps are being taken by the government to ramp up Jamaica’s COVID-19 testing capacity.

“Like all other nations, we understand the need to protect citizens and to put measures in place to help reduce the spread of this deadly virus. It is for this reason the Government of Jamaica and key partners are putting measures in place to boost the COVID-19 testing capacity locally,” said Bartlett.

“The Ministry of Tourism is working closely with the Ministry of Health and Wellness, the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association, as well as private labs and other key stakeholders to have more available testing facilities in place to make the process a more seamless one,” he said.

“These growing changes in testing requirements within the travel industry will undoubtedly cause a setback in the economic recovery of small vulnerable destinations globally. These adjustments will place added pressure on the resources needed to treat our citizens, especially in countries that have made considerable efforts to successfully bolster their health and safety standards to insulate tourists and citizens alike, from the risk of COVID-19 infection.  We will, however, continue to work closely with all local and international tourism partners, to ensure the safety of our citizens and visitors”, he added.

Photo Credit : https://pixabay.com/photos/covid-19-coronavirus-epidemic-4982913/