Jamaica PM says he will only take COVID-19 vaccine on his turn

Jamaica Prime Minister Andrew Holness has said that he will wait for his turn to take the COVID-19 vaccine jab.  

Holness noted that some public officials including ministers and Members of Parliament in the 60 and over age group have been vaccinated. However, he said, “I will await my turn in the line”. 

“I will be taking my vaccination along with front-line public sector workers, meaning those who serve and interface with the public directly, such as cashiers, bearers, receptionists, and field officers,” Holness said. 

He said that given that there is more than enough demand for the 64,400 doses of vaccines in hand presently, the important assurance and example that must be given now is that vaccines will be distributed equitably, orderly, and strategically to protect the health care system, reduce hospitalisations and reduce deaths among the most vulnerable. 

Photo Credit : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Holness#/media/File:Prime_Minister_Holness_in_Kingston_(40140379431)_(cropped).jpg