Italy imposes new COVID restrictions

As a new wave of COVID-19 makes its mark in Italy, the country has imposed new COVID-19 restrictions, shutting down gyms, pools and movie theaters, putting an early curfew on cafes and restaurants and mandating that people keep wearing masks outdoors. talian Premier Giuseppe Conte opted against another heavy nationwide lockdown. The new decree goes into effect October 25  and lasts until Nov. 24 “Our aim is to protect health and the economy,” Conte said. “We all have to do small sacrifices,” Conte said. “If we can’t go to the gym, we can exercise outdoors.” 

Giuseppe Conte said the measures were aimed at protecting both public health and the economy and should allow the rising curve of the epidemic to be brought under control in the next few weeks. “We think that we will suffer a bit this month but by gritting our teeth with these restrictions, we’ll be able to breathe again in December,” he told a news conference. 

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