Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to go in isolation

The pandemic COVID-19 has not just affected common masses across the globe but has also infected top-officials and administrators of several nations. Several top-leaders have resorted to self-isolation to save them and the country from the coronavirus crisis.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Parliamentary adviser Rivka Paluch has been tested positive of COVID-19 and as a precautionary measure the Prime Minister is to enter a week isolation irrespective of a 14-day isolation has generally advised by the Health Ministry.

Media reports said Rivka Paluch had been present at a Parliament session last week that was attended by Netanyahu as well as opposition lawmakers. The Parliament session was called to discuss the possibility of forming an emergency coalition government to help address the coronavirus crisis.

Earlier so as to leave no leaf unturned, Netanyahu was tested for coronavirus as a precaution on March 15, but was tested negative. The positive result in one of his close aides has resulted him to go in isolation.

Israel has reported 4,247 cases and 15 fatalities.

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