Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s trail to begin in January

An Israeli court on July 19, said that the corruption trail of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will begin in earnest in January with witnesses being heard three times a week.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was absent from the July 19 trial as he was not required to appear at the court session.

The trials of the veteran leader formally began in May in the Jerusalem District Court and since then his lawyers have been requesting mote time for collecting proofs and facts.

Lawyers for Netanyahu had asked for a six-month postponement to prepare their strategy. They suggested it would be difficult to gauge the truthfulness of witnesses wearing anti-coronavirus masks, currently compulsory in Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 70, is the first serving Prime Minister in Israel to go on trial. He has been indicted in November in corruption cases involving gifts from millionaire friends and for allegedly seeking regulatory favours for media tycoons in return for favourable coverage.

Per Israeli laws, bribery charges carry a sentence of up to 10 years in jail while fraud and breach of trust are punishable by up to three years in prison.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption trials have kindled mounting street protests against him, with demonstrators citing his alleged corruption and handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has taken a turn for the worse in Israel.

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