Israeli patrol forces open fire, kidnaps man in Lebanon

A Syrian shepherd has been kidnapped after he was injured when an Israeli patrol opened fire on May 17. The incident took place in south-eastern Lebanon, along the border line.

Citizens from the border town of Kfarchouba and the Lebanese military source said that the Israeli soldiers opened fire towards Mohamed Nour El-Din Abdel-Azim, while he was grazing a herd of cattle near the Shebaa Farms.

The Shebaa Farms is the occupied territory of Israel and sources added that the wounded shepherd was taken to the Shebaa Farms by the Israeli infantry force. The Israeli Infantry force breached the deal by crossing the border.

A Lebanese security source, said that, the Lebanese army has complained to the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL), about the Israeli breach and demanded the return of the wounded Syrian national.

A joint team of the Lebanese Army and the UNIFIL has started investigations into the incident.

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