Israel, Sudan agree to normalise ties

On October 23, Israel and Sudan agreed on to initiate steps to normalise ties with each other in a deal brokered with the help of the United States.

With this move, Khartoum becomes the third Arab government to bring an end to the hostilities with Israel in the past two months.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a statement said, “Today we are announcing a dramatic breakthrough for peace. What a great revolution.”

While the move has been hailed as a “new era” for the region by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Palestinian leadership watching as more of their Arab brethren appear to give their quest for statehood a lower priority, has called it a “new stab in the back”, with a statement published by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s office reading, “The Palestinian presidency stresses its condemnation and its rejection to normalization of ties with the state of the Israeli occupation, which occupies the land of Palestine.”

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