Iran urges world to oppose U.S. embargoes barring Iranians’ access to medical and humanitarian supplies

The top human rights council of Iran has appealed to the world to come forward in opposition to the United States embargoes that bar Iranians’ access to humanitarian and medical supplies.

Iranian Judiciary’s High Council for Human Rights, in a statement issued on October 11, said, “The enforcement and intensification of unjust, illegal and inhumane embargoes by the U.S. regime and their implementation by certain European countries… have not only caused problems for Iran’s normal economic, financial and banking relations, but also made purchase of drugs, diagnostic kits and laboratory equipment practically impossible amid difficult conditions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.”

However, the claims made by the U.S. government that the embargoes do not include humanitarian items, have been denied by the Iranian Council, pointing out that the sanctions imposed on financial institutions have disrupted payments related to the import of those items.

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