Iran calls for prisoners’ swap among nations in the COVID-19 crisis

Releasing prisoners to solve the issue of overcrowding in the prison cells has been one of the measures adopted by several countries amidst the challenges posted by the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19. Iran too has resorted to it. Iran amidst the COVID-19 concern has already freed 100,000 prisoners on bail.

In the latest development, Iran has suggested for prisoners’ swap with countries. Iranian Deputy Justice Minister, Mahmoud Abbasi said, “Given the current sensitive situation and outbreak of the virus, we are in talks with countries to exchange prisoners.”

He added that the follow-ups through the Foreign Ministry and Interpol has yielded positive results. Abbasi throwing some light on it said, as of now, about 2,600 Afghan convicts are prepared to leave for their country, and some central Asian states have also agreed to exchange prisoners.

The crisis in Iran showcased in the surge in the number of COVID-19 positive cases and daily death tolls makes it the worst-hit country by the pandemic in the Middle East.

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