Iran and UN Collaborate to Create New Sustainable Development Partnership

For the next five years, the United Nations and the Iranian government will lay out a new collaboration on sustainable development. 

The United Nations and Iran have a long history of cooperation. The United Nations opened its first office in 1950, and now, an astounding number of agencies – 18 – bear witness to large-scale cooperation. 

Iran has also made other important contributions to the development and humanitarian relief, including hosting several million refugees and migrants for more than four decades and including them in educational and health facilities, as well as most recently in the COVID national vaccination program. 

Furthermore, by seizing the highest volumes of hard drugs of any country in the world, Afghanistan has played a vital part in halting the flow of illicit drugs from Afghanistan to the rest of the world. The quick implementation of the national vaccination program in Iran in recent months has been impressive. 

UN agencies stepped up their support – 15 million vaccines have arrived in Tehran, along with other medical supplies, and 1.6 million doses were given to the Afghan people, which is particularly vulnerable.