Iran and Cuba are cooperating to produce COVID-19 vaccine

Iran is cooperating with Cuba to produce the vaccine for COVID-19. According to  official IRNA news agency,  Iranian health ministry’s spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour has said that that as the Minister of Health has previously stated and the President has emphasized, there are four different ways to supply the coronavirus vaccine, including direct purchase from a foreign country, procurement from the World Health Organization’ COVAX facility, a joint production with a Cuban company as well as domestic producing of the vaccine.

“According to Jahanpour, the arrangements for the joint production of the vaccine with a foreign country have been pursued. He noted that Iran set condition for conducting a human clinical trial of the vaccine is that it should be jointly produced and its technology should be transferred to Iran. One of the well-known institutions in Cuba, which has old cooperation with the Pasteur Institute of Iran in the field of vaccine production for many years, accepted to kick off the joint venture, the official said”, the IRNA report mentions.

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