International travellers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to fly with Australia’s Qantas

In order to fly with Australia’s Qantas, the international passengers will be mandatorily vaccinated against Covid-19, the company has said.

The move from the airline comes in a first, suggesting that rules like this could become the new normal across the industry.

Speaking on the same, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said, “We are looking at changing our terms and conditions to say for international travellers that we will ask people to have a vaccination before they can get on the aircraft.” “Whether you need that domestically, we will have to see what happens with Covid-19 in the market but certainly, for international visitors coming out (to Australia) and people leaving the country, we think that is a necessity,” he further added. The measure would be implemented once the COVID-19 vaccine is made available to the public.

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