International Committee of the Red Cross calls for immediate action to curb COVID-19 in Somalia

Saying the country is at a critical condition, the International Committee of the Red Cross has called for immediate action to contain the spread of the deadly Coronavirus or COVID-19 and save lives in Somalia.

ICRC, in a statement issued in Nairobi, Kenya, expressed deep concern for “the impact that the virus could have on communities weakened by violence and conflict, where displacement, malnutrition, and outbreaks of disease are already widespread.”

It further added that around 500 health workers and SRCS Volunteers have been imparted training in COVID-19 prevention and symptoms. SRCS and ICRC are amplifying their efforts to reach 130,000 households, to organise information sessions and generating awareness to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

The head of ICRC’s delegation for Somalia said, “Speed is critical, and we are working with our colleagues at the Somali Red Crescent to fight COVID-19 from fully taking hold.”

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