Intelligent law making considers impact on SME – by Alexandra Thein MEP

The current EP’s legislature draws to its end.  What could we have learned from our work in the legal affairs committee?

EU legal framework has to be improved by intelligent law making. An intensive assessment of the impact on SMEs before passing laws is needed more than ever. A common European sales law (CESL) as well as the institute of a European incorporation will improve the market entry for medium sized companies. We have to take the particular conditions for small enterprises into account. Reporting requirements of businesses need to be simplified taking into account the proportionality principle. The legal framework for intellectual property rights needs to be improved. We liberals believe in the strength of self-determined entrepreneurial actions of responsibility instead of statutory provisions.

A safe and calculable legal framework guarantees indemnity of general freedom of movement within the internal market. The European Union needs a harmonised legal framework, a mutual recognition agreement on documents and civil adjudication as well as an improvement of cross-border legal protection. For a safe legal framework, legal clarity with regards to applicable law and which court is competent in a pending cross-border lawsuit is necessary. Reasonable harmonisation adjustments of international civil law are also required. We achieved successes in inheritance and divorce law and we are also expecting a good decision in the law of property.

Mrs Thein is liberal MEP (FDP/ALDE) for the German Bundesländer Berlin and Brandenburg.

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