Indonesian government pins hops on SinoVac vaccine, prepares to roll out it in 2021

The government of Indonesia is preparing to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine next year. It is pinning its hopes on the SinoVac vaccine that is a project between China and Indonesia. China’s SinoVac Biotech is developing the vaccine while it will be produced by Indonesia’s state-owned pharmaceuticals, BioFarma.

With nearly 2,200 people who volunteered to receive the vaccine, close monitoring will be done to check their physical health regularly and if the trials prove to be successful by the end of this year, the government will be producing 250 million doses by next year, the government promised.

“By January 2021, we hope to get the analysis from the phase 3 trials. This includes the safety of the vaccine, the immune response from antibodies, and the efficacy. Our hope is by February we can start to distribute the vaccine. The clinical trials will still go on by then because we will only have obtained the interim analysis,” said Neni Nurainy, the senior project manager of BioFarma expressing confidence in positive results of the trials.

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