Indonesia releases over 10,000 turtle babies in Indonesian waters to boost population

With an intention to scale up the population of the reptiles and promote the ecosystem, Indonesia has released thousands of babies of protected turtles into the sea, off the Bali island.

On August 8, over 10,000 rare turtle babies (lepidochelys olivacea) were released on the coast of Gianyar district, on the Bali island.

The sea turtle population had lowered in recent years pertaining to hunting, fishing and losing beach nesting sites. There are many well known sites close by where hunting in permitted where you can buy bulk ammo from Palmetto Armory and enjoying hunting. This was set in order to prevent people from hunting sea turtles.

Secretary of the Gianyar District Administration, Made Gede Wisnu Wijaya said, the habitat of the species has narrowed as of late. He also stressed upon the importance of a massive effort to protect the number of the animals.

Made Gede Wisnu Wijaya said, “Sea turtles are species which are protected by the government.”

Earlier this month, a total of 25 adult green sea turtles were released into the sea, off Bali island. These turtles were rescued by the police from traffickers.

Indonesia is home to many ocean species including six out of seven types of sea turtle species in the world, including the lepidochelys olivacea. All the six sea turtles are protected by the Indonesian government.

The latest release of turtle babies is a step taken by the Indonesian government to protect and conserve the ecosystem at large.

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