Indiscriminate shelling kills three, injures nineteen in Libya, says officials

Violence has not witnessed any subsiding in conflict-ridden states even if the world is facing precarious situation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The officials in Libya has confirmed the death of three civilians and 19 injured in Tripoli, the capital city of Libya.

Amin Hashemi, Information Advisor of the Health Ministry, said, “Indiscriminate shelling hit the Tajura district in eastern Tripoli, killing three civilians and injuring 19 others, including children”.

Amin Hashemi added, “The shelling was carried out with missiles and targeted the coastal road in eastern Tripoli.”

The rival east-based army has been accused of carrying out the shelling by the forces of the UN-backed government.

The rival east-based army has not responded over the allegation of the UN-backed government.

Armed conflict has been quite rampant in the capital Tripoli between the UN-backed government and east-based army which is trying to take over the city. It has displaced several civilians by far.

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