India’s role as a “Reliable, Democratic Global Partner” highlighted by Prime Minister Modi

Narendra Modi reaffirmed India’s commitment to democracy, emphasized India’s remarkable strides in discovering and manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines, and warned against “regressive thinking” countries in his address to the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

Prime Minister Modi emphasized in a pre-recorded speech that India is a country famed for its democratic past.

Mr. Modi stated that progress in his country should be all-inclusive, all-pervasive, universal, and nurturing to everyone.

Mr. Modi went on to discuss the subject of water pollution, citing insurance coverage, access to quality health services, and housing as areas where India has made progress in recent years.

To solve this issue in India, Mr. Modi stated that the country is launching a programme to ensure that piped clean water reaches over 170 million homes. People must have property rights to their homes and land in order for a country to prosper.

For that purpose, India used drones to map nearly 600,000 villages, providing residents with digital records of their homes and lands, reducing property disputes, and increasing access to credit and bank loans.

The Prime Minister went on to remark that India’s scientific and technical advancements were scalable, cost-effective, and could help the rest of the globe. Indeed, their new COVID-19 vaccination distribution scheme included digital assistance for tracking millions of doses administered in a single day.

He also revealed that India has produced the world’s first DNA vaccine, which may be given to anyone over the age of 12, as well as an mRNA vaccine that is nearing completion.

He went on to say that the pandemic had taught the world that the global economy needed to be expanded even more and that India, for its part, is evolving into a democratic and reliable partner in global industrial diversification. Furthermore, India has achieved a balance between economics and ecology and is progressing at a “great speed” toward its renewable energy goals.

Regressive governments who use terrorism as a political tool, according to the Prime Minister, must recognize that they are also a threat to themselves. In that setting, it was critical to ensure that Afghanistan was not being used to promote terrorism and that no country used the delicate situation there for its own gain.

He emphasized that if the UN is to remain relevant, it must increase its efficacy and reliability, both of which are critical for the organization to handle current problems. Institutions of global governance, on the other hand, have harmed the credibility they had created after decades of hard effort when it comes to the origins of COVID-19 and the ease of doing business rankings.