India’s Development will not be Complete unless it Develops its Northeast Region

On Tuesday, India’s Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu remarked that India’s progress will be incomplete without the development of the Northeast.

He was at Takyelpat, Imphal West, today to inaugurate the ‘Phytopharmaceutical Lab’ at the Institute of Bioresources & Sustainable Development (IBSD).

PM Narendra Modi has given “topmost priority” to the development of the NE area, according to the Vice President, which is why a number of ministers (MoS) from the Center have been visiting the region on a regular basis to oversee development projects and the situation.

In terms of culture, geographical grandeur, and linguistic diversity, the northeast is unlike any other region. Furthermore, the northeast region contains the key Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspots, which contain a diverse range of eco-systems.

Naidu also lauded the institute’s “truly commendable exceptional work” and the scientific management of Indian bioresources from this biodiversity hotspot for sustainable development.

The Department of Biotechnology is supporting the phytopharmaceutical mission in the region, promoting traditional healthcare based on the region’s rich bioresources, by utilizing modern technologies.