Indian culture not just teaches to conserve and protect nature, it makes us live in harmony with it: Prakash Javadekar at UN

During his address at the Biodiversity Summit at United Nations, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar on October 1, said that India has a culture of not just conserving and protecting the nature but living in harmony with it.

“As enshrined in our Vedic scripts ‘Prakriti Rakshati Rakshita’ that is if you protect nature, nature will protect you,” the Union Minister added.

Having enhanced the forest and tree cover to 24.56 per cent in the last decade and an increase in the number of tigers i.e. double the number, ahead of the 2022 deadline, India has shown how committed it is towards maintaining a balance in the nature.

While speaking at the Summit, Mr. Javadekar said, “The the emergence of COVID-19 has emphasized the fact that unregulated exploitation of natural resources coupled with unsustainable food habits and consumption patterns lead to destruction system that supports human life.”

Photo Credit :,Minister_of_State_for_Information_and_Broadcasting(Independent_Charge),Environment,_Forest_and_Climate_Change(Independent_Charge)_and_Parliamentary_Affairs(cropped).jpg

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