Indian and Mauritian PM jointly unveil the new Supreme Court Building in Mauritius

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Mr. Pravind Jugnauth, on July 30, jointly delivered to Mauritians the new Supreme Court building of Mauritius at Port Louis. The new Supreme Court building in Port Louis, Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi said will always symbolise the India-Mauritius cooperation and shared values.

PM Mr. Modi, during his virtual address at the event, said, “History has taught us that in the name of development partnerships, nations were forced into dependence partnerships,” a remark that came amid increasing number of reports of “global debt-diplomacy” played by China in order to leverage deals in its favour by pushing other nations into trouble, facing debts it cannot pay back.

“For India, the most fundamental principle in development cooperation is respecting our partners. This sharing of development lessons is our only motivation. That is why our development cooperation does not come with any conditions,” he further added.

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