Indian-American groups in US help community members amid Coronavirus Outbreak

As the world is busy dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak that so far has infected more than 700,000 people globally, with the United States topping the list of number of cases, several eminent Indian-American groups in the US have stepped forward, have raised funds and deployed volunteers to help community members, including first responders, students, health workers, and labourers in America and India.

The leading Indian-American non-profit organisation, SEWA International has so far raised more than USD 250,000 as part of its Covid-19 relief efforts. It has prepared a team of 500 volunteers who have been manning its helpline to address the issues and concerns of Americans in distress due to the global pandemic. More than 140,000 cases have been confirmed in the US with death toll crossing the 2,400 mark while in India there have been more than 1,000 confirmed cases with more than 25 deaths.

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