India to send supplies of hydroxychloroquine to UAE

As part of its humanitarian agenda, India has decided to supply hydroxychloroquine and paracetamol to close allies Russia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and key partners in Latin America and Africa.

Apart from these nations, India will also extend its support to Dominican Republic, Uganda and Ecuador. Earlier it has sent the supply of the essential drugs to the US, Spain and the UK.

India’s cordial bond with the Gulf nations has prompted the country to work in close coordination with the Gulf countries, particularly the UAE. India has also sent a 15-member army medical team with supplies to Kuwait and supplied HCQ to Bahrain.

According to officials, all drug supplies are being sent after reconciling the domestic demands, the requirements assessed by the Health Ministry and the capacity of Indian pharma industry. India with its humanitarian support extended to fight the global pandemic, has earned international appreciation.

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